Electronic Instructions
for Use (eIFU)

How to Identify the Correct eIFU

You may identify the product and its corresponding electronic instructions for use by the product's REF code. The REF code appears on the product itself and its packaging, followed by the [REF] symbol.

Using your smartphone, you may also scan / photograph the QR code which is printed on a card that shipped with your product. It takes you directly to the correct eIFU.

By law, you have the right to obtain a printed copy of the eIFU free of charge, which shall be provided to you within 7 days. To obtain a copy, please contact us.

Our eIFUs are currently available in the following languages:

English, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish, Croatian Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Ukrainian

A previous version of an eIFU maybe accessed by replacing the last letter of the link to the PDF with the letter preceding it (e.g. DL1-1701A.pdf instead of DL1-1701B.pdf). Previous versions will be available on this website for at least 2 years from the date of publication or as long as is required by regulation. The date of publication appears on each eIFU.

Instructions for Use

Viewing an eIFU requires a PDF reader. If you don’t already have one, you can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe.
REF eIFU Revision Size
DL1 DL1-1701B B 1.72 M
DL1 DL1-1701C C 1.91 M
DL1 DL1-1701E E 1.75 M
DL1 DL1-1701F F 2.02 M
DL1 DL1-1701G G 2.02 M
DL1 DL1-1701H H 2 M
DL100 DL100-1701B B 1.47 M
DL100 DL100-1701C C 1.42 M
DL100 DL100-1701E E 1.53 M
DL100 DL100-1701F F 1.8 M
DL100 DL100-1701G G 1.8 M
DL1B DL1B-1701B B 1.69 M
DL1B DL1B-1701C C 1.89 M
DL1B DL1B-1701E E 1.72 M
DL1B DL1B-1701F F 1.99 M
DL1B DL1B-1701G G 1.99 M
DL1B DL1B-1701H H 1.97 M
DL200HR DL200HR-1701C C 1.73 M
DL200HR DL200HR-1701D D 1.62 M
DL200HR DL200HR-1701F F 1.74 M
DL200HR DL200HR-1701G G 2.01 M
DL200HR DL200HR-1701H H 2.01 M
DL200HR DL200HR-1701I I 1.99 M
DL200HY DL200HY-1701C C 1.73 M
DL200HY DL200HY-1701D D 1.91 M
DL200HY DL200HY-1701F F 1.74 M
DL200HY DL200HY-1701G G 2.02 M
DL200HY DL200HY-1701H H 2.02 M
DL200HY DL200HY-1701I I 1.71 M
DL200HYG DL200HYG-1701C C 1.73 M
DL200HYG DL200HYG-1701D D 1.91 M
DL200HYG DL200HYG-1701F F 1.59 M
DL200HYG DL200HYG-1701G G 2.02 M
DL200HYG DL200HYG-1701H H 2.02 M
DL200HYG DL200HYG-1701I I 1.99 M
DL3N DL3N-1701D D 1.7 M
DL3N DL3N-1701E E 1.88 M
DL3N DL3N-1701G G 1.72 M
DL3N DL3N-1701H H 1.99 M
DL3N DL3N-1701I I 1.99 M
DL3N DL3N-1701J J 1.97 M
DL4 DL4-1701G G 1.73 M
DL4 DL4-1701H H 1.72 M
DL4 DL4-1701I I 2.61 M
DL4 DL4-1701J J 1.99 M
DL4 DL4-1701K K 1.97 M
DL4W DL4W-1701D D 1.69 M
DL4W DL4W-1701E E 1.88 M
DL4W DL4W-1701G G 1.71 M
DL4W DL4W-1701H H 1.98 M
DL4W DL4W-1701I I 1.98 M
DL4W DL4W-1701J J 1.96 M
DL5 DL5-1701A A 2.24 M
DL5 DL5-1701C C 2.31 M
DL5 DL5-1701D D 2.72 M
DL5 DL5-1701E E 2.72 M
DL5 DL5-1701F F 2.59 M
DL5 DL5-1701G G 2.65 M
DL5 DL5-1701H H 2.77 M
DLC DLC-1701B B 1.52 M
DLC DLC-1701C C 1.47 M
DLC DLC-1701E E 1.57 M
DLC DLC-1701F F 1.85 M
DLC DLC-1701G G 1.85 M
DLCAM DLCAM-1701D D 0.98 M
DLF2P DLF2P-1701E E 2.19 M
DLF2P DLF2P-1701F F 2.07 M
DLF2P DLF2P-1701H H 2.19 M
DLF2P DLF2P-1701I I 2.46 M
DLF2P DLF2P-1701J J 2.44 M
DLFX DLFX-1701B B 1.72 M
DLFX DLFX-1701C C 1.92 M
DLFX DLFX-1701E E 1.75 M
DLFX DLFX-1701F F 2.03 M
DLFX DLFX-1701G G 2.01 M
DLGL DLGL-1701B B 1.61 M
DLGL DLGL-1701C C 1.82 M
DLGL DLGL-1701E E 1.65 M
DLGL DLGL-1701F F 2.56 M
DLGL DLGL-1701G G 1.93 M
DLGL DLGL-1701H H 1.91 M
DLU2 DLU2-1701B B 1.71 M
DLU2 DLU2-1701C C 1.91 M
DLU2 DLU2-1701E E 1.7 M
DLU2 DLU2-1701F F 2.01 M
DLU2 DLU2-1701G G 2.01 M
DLU2 DLU2-1701H H 1.99 M
DLUS DLUS-1701D D 1.53 M
DLUS DLUS-1701E E 1.48 M
DLUS DLUS-1701H H 1.59 M
DLUS DLUS-1701I I 1.87 M
DLUS DLUS-1701J J 1.87 M
DLUS DLUS-1701K K 1.85 M
FFH2 FFH2-1701E E 1.79 M
FFH2 FFH2-1701F F 1.98 M
FFH2 FFH2-1701H H 1.81 M
FFH2 FFH2-1701I I 2.09 M
FFH2 FFH2-1701J J 2.09 M
FFH2 FFH2-1701K K 2.07 M
HUD HUD-1701B B 1.54 M
HUD HUD-1701C C 1.75 M
HUD2 HUD2-1701A A 1.55 M
HUD2 HUD2-1701B B 1.77 M
HUD2 HUD2-1701D D 1.61 M
HUD2 HUD2-1701E E 1.87 M
HUD2 HUD2-1701F F 1.84 M
LUM LUM-1701D D 1.53 M
LUM LUM-1701E E 1.47 M
LUM LUM-1701G G 1.57 M
LUM LUM-1701H H 1.85 M
LUM LUM-1701I I 1.85 M
LUM-UV LUM-UV-1701B B 1.57 M
LUM-UV LUM-UV-1701C C 1.5 M
LUM-UV LUM-UV-1701E E 1.6 M
LUM-UV LUM-UV-1701F F 1.88 M
LUM-UV LUM-UV-1701G G 1.88 M
NL1 NL1-1701B B 2.12 M
NL1 NL1-1701C C 2.32 M
NL1 NL1-1701E E 2.14 M
NL1 NL1-1701F F 2.42 M
NL1 NL1-1701G G 2.42 M
V900L V900L-1701A A 4.33 M
V900L V900L-1701B B 1.65 M
V900L V900L-1701D D 1.78 M
V900L V900L-1701E E 2.05 M